Our Clients

Ahliah School
www.ahliahschool.edu.lb "e-Skool services, through the Ahliah School website, facilitated communication between teachers and administrators/coordinators, teachers and parents, and administrators and parents, in addition to communication with Ahliah students. It facilitated follow-up of daily work and routines and made it more efficient. It enabled teachers and administrators to follow up on their work from home, and created a database for parents to monitor their children’s academic performance and discipline and follow up on their progress. e-Skool services increased parents’ trust in the school and created a transparent portal with efficient communication."
Mr. Rabih Murr
Head of Upper School Division, Ahliah School
Vision Private School
Mr. Nabil Abu Jarad
Principal of Vision Private School
Mr. Abdel Massih Abou Elias
Mesrobian School Prefect
Saint George Schools
Dr. Ahmad S. Alame
Principal at Saint George Schools

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